At NeuroNav we aspire to democratise access to neuronavigation

We aim to cause a paradigm shift towards accurate, portable, and more affordable solutions to enable access to safer neurosurgery for all. By 2025, we aim to cover all surgical specialties.

Our technology is developed with the NHS but deployable worldwide. Knowing how much neurosurgical practice depends on the availability of equipment, we want to augment surgical performance and improve patient outcomes.

Our mission is to develop platforms that employ advanced state-of-the-art stereoscopic vision whilst harnessing the power of computer vision and machine learning. 



We are committed to continuous improvement and strive to provide hospitals with clever technology that drastically improves the neurosurgical navigation workflow.


We are driven to minimise risks and provide better outcomes for patients.


We aim to augment the tool set, performance, and vision of neurosurgeons globally, especially those in developing countries.


Being founded by a neurosurgical resident, we know that time and efficiency are critical, so we drive transformation without disruption.


Ali Rezaei Haddad

Founder, CEO & the driving force behind NeuroNav

Ali is a neurosurgical resident in London and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. Prior to this, he completed his Academic Foundation Training in the Medical Sciences Division at the University of Oxford undertaking research in the field of neuroimaging. He graduated with first class honours in Neurosciences BSc at Imperial College London, and he holds honorary research positions at the University of Oxford and St George’s Medical School. Ali co-founded the internationally acclaimed GoodSAM app used by the NHS, in which clinically trained individuals sign up as volunteers to respond to life-threatening emergency calls. He also directed and curated the Imagining the Future of Medicine at the Royal Albert Hall in partnership with TEDMED, attended by a live audience of 5,000 people. Inspired by the lack of user friendly and affordable neuronavigation solutions worldwide, he founded NeuroNav to democratise access to neurosurgery navigation solutions.


Ben Charnock

Product Manager

Ben has a Masters degree in Engineering and extensive experience utilising lean start-up and agile methodologies.

Chris Alcock

Chris Alcock

Chief Engineer

Chris works with the Microsoft Technology stack, facial recognition algorithms and 3D modelling.


Jess richardson

R&D Mechatronics Engineer

Jess is responsible for investigating and implementing the latest scientific research to deliver prototypes of the hardware solution.

Oliver mcainsh

Oliver mcainsh

Lead Designer

Oliver leads the software design as well as brand strategy and designs for marketing communications.

Zul Abdullah

Zul Abdullah

Engineering Team Lead

Zul leads data preparation, usability study and calibration activities so we can use hardware for neuronavigation.

Engineering Team Engineering Team

Engineering Team

Hardware and Software Engineers in charge of initial research, circuit, PCB and firmware design, pre-compliance testing and trials.

Marketing Marketing

Marketing & Design Team

Skillful product and digital designers creating a perfect solution for most efficient use in a surgery. Marketers and PR professionals responsible for publicity, offline and online communications.


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